Leading me to Lead my Learning

Our vision is focused on developing lifelong learners whose confidence, creativity and problem solving abilities separate them from the crowd.

We believe that every learner has potential, and through our modern learning environment and inclusive culture we are developing a school of achievers. In our learning community, students, parents, teachers, staff and the Board of Trustees all share in the responsibility of delivering the school vision.

At Te Akau ki Papamoa School we have an unwavering commitment to building strong skills in literacy and numeracy. Thinking skills, multiple intelligences and the integration and updating of ICT skills are integral aspects of curriculum delivery.

Learners are encouraged to develop their talents and strengths in all areas of the curriculum, while teachers are challenged to stay at the leading edge of education through ongoing professional development.

By encouraging students to celebrate their successes, we help them take ownership of their learning to become self-driven towards greater success.

‘There is a sustained culture of high expectations for staff, students, trustees and whānau. The overall tone and climate in the school is inclusive and respectful.’ – ERO Report 2014