Board of Trustees

Our school is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is elected every three years. Their role is to establish, implement and review school policy, within Government guidelines.

Our principal is on the Board of Trustees and handles the day-to-day leadership, administration and management of the school. He is assisted by a senior leadership team who are committed to supporting students and teachers in partnership with whanau.

The Board of Trustees gather twice a term at the school for public meetings. 

‘Well-informed, knowledgeable and experienced board leadership has enabled the school to enjoy a prolonged period of consistency of direction and to maintain a focus on continual improvement.’ – ERO Review 2014




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Sharon MacquarieManaging Director

I am a Board member since 2012 and Chairperson since 2017. Under my leadership the Board will continue to provide the school with the governance, financial stability and guidance, so that our principal, management  team & staff can provide children with successful and meaningful learning opportunities.  

I am a business person, educator and mother and provide a broad perspective on the objectives and direction of the school.  I bring to the Board a solid background in management including business planning and developing, implementing and managing compliance with systems, policies and procedures.

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Andrew Lingman –  Project Manager

I am a Board member since 2009 working collaboratively with the school’s principal and senior management, producing an educational environment where our children are well rounded and encouraged to reach their full potential before moving forward.  

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Shane Eastergaard – Local Businessman

I am a Board member since 2011 who is passionate about the school and its continued success and I bring a diverse background and experience to the board to help make this happen.

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Johnson Davis – Deputy Principal

I am a Board member since 2013 and I am committed to ensuring the unprecedented success that we have enjoyed over the last few years, continues to thrive and prosper at our school.  I have an extensive leadership background and a commitment to education and serving others.