House System

At Te Akau ki Papamoa we have house system is in place to encourage student engagement in academic, cultural and sporting activities. In 2015 we introduced new house names which represent four strong animals of the sea. Mangopare (Hammerhead Shark) Tohora (Whale) Mako (Shark) and Whai (Stingray). Houses wear different colours, which helps students develop a sense of belonging, while building relationships across the school.

Weekly house points are earned, along with major points given throughout each term for a variety of events. At the end of each term points are tallied and the winning house is awarded a spectacular shield at assembly. The overall winning house for the year is announced at final prizegiving.

Year 6 students are encouraged to become house leaders, which is a prestigious role, and they are given the opportunity to formally present their case to fellow students. Successful candidates are acknowledged at a formal school hui and presented with a leadership badge.

One unique aspect of the house structure is the tuakana–teina buddy system, where our older more experienced learners ‘tuakana’ guide and support our younger learners ‘teina’. As part of a supportive learning environment, the tuakana–teina roles may be reversed at any time.