These describe who we are and what our culture is, i.e. "how we do things".

Description: vision

  • Clearly define the preferred future for our school.
  • Provide a clear learning continuum that all understand and can follow.

Description: think

  • How to approach and solve problems / opportunities effectively.
  • Focus on higher order thinking, critical self-reflection, essential skills, individualised learning, in depth learning and research.

Description: learn

  • Provide the environment and opportunities for our learners to develop the skills, attitudes and values to contribute to society and to be self-motivating, lifelong learners.
  • Stretch and grow the mind to the learners full potential.

Description: nurture

  • Applying a Whanau approach by nurturing each child as our own.
  • Provide a safe physical and emotional environment. Applying “good choices” and “restorative justice”.
  • Encourage and foster growth of self and others.

Description: grow

  • Assist learners to discover, develop, demonstrate and celebrate their talents. Apply benchmarks to measure progress.
  • Focus on goals and how to achieve them.
  • Evolve from dependence (on others), to independence (I), to interdependence (we).

Description: communicate

  • Celebrate the excellence we achieve. Share what we expect, stand for and believe in. Consult with our community regularly.
  • Developing effective relationships / interaction with others.

Description: shine

  • Identify, develop, utilise, build on and celebrate individual strengths and successes.
  • Model and build self belief and confidence.